Social Map

This social network map was created to show the social connections of Lili Elbe, based on the narrative Man into Woman. Our map allows you to see all of the connections Lili had throughout her life and in her narrative. We have divided her connections to other figures into six categories, indicated by colored arches:

  • Doctors and Medical Professionals
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Pets
  • Publishers
  • Romantic Relationships

The red dots indicate historical personages; the blue dots indicate characters in the English-language editions of the narrative, many of which are also historical.

Most of Einar Wegener’s family we didn’t connect to Lili Elbe, as Lili believed she was a separate person from him entirely. We did, however, connect the family she re-met after her transition.

If there was no name referenced in the narrative for a historical figure, e.g. if they were only referenced as sister or brother, we didn’t create a narrative character for them.

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